Monday, 6 February 2017

How Angular 2 Excels Over React in Front End Development?

The front end development has been redirected by Angular 2 as this JavaScript framework by Google is rewritten in TypeScript, a JavaScript superset maintained by Microsoft. React, the JavaScript library from Facebook is also rocking the market by making front end development more efficient. Although it is unfair to compare Angular 2 and React as the former is a framework and the latter is a library (only the View in the MVC), still we are going to discuss which one surpasses the other since both are concerned with front end development.

React is unique as a client side library as it enables you to develop frontend comfortably re-using the declarative plugins. That in turn makes it very efficient in framing. One of its distinct features is its Flux architecture. The process through which React transforms code is dependent on Flux. After HTML and CSS, Flux is considered as the most convenient architecture. Moreover, React has libraries that are more convenient to JavaScript developers that are new to development. It is also very helpful in migrating your Jquery code.

However, there are many things that make Angular 2 unique and also in the practical programming world, Angular 2 offers you more facilities than React. TypeScript ensures you to do more reliable than just lesser code. To avoid bugs arising due to typing syntax, TypeScript enables advanced IntelliSense experience for Angular experts via a complete set of features. Moreover, it has enhanced dependency injection and services. Whenever, you need to import any dependency in your application, dependency injection comes in the picture. It provides a new object of a class with the required dependency. Angular uses dependency injection to provide any new component with services because mostly dependencies are services.

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